Government Sector


Ft Bliss El Paso Texas for United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

“All lit up”. Terra’s installation of 165 lights for a future military tank parking lot was not dim.  The coordination with the slip-form-paving put the lights on the GC’s critical path and Terra never failed to make the schedule.  With the lights, Terra also constructed a  365 rod grounding system; at which time Terra developed an installation procedure that achieved the best grounding result of any contractor at that time.





Ft Bliss El Paso Texas for USACE

“At the waters edge”.  Terra installed over 8000’ of storm sewer systems; connecting to existing buildings, systems, and detention basins.  This was one of three head-walls constructed by Terra and the flattest of the 3 slopes.  Terra utilized talented operators in the 330 excavators to excavate safely, pipe quickly, and backfill to strict density requirements.




 Sanostee Day School New Mexico for Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

“Wild west construction”.  A 15 acre  school project in the middle of the western New Mexico desert. Our scope included the earthwork, on/off-site utilities, SWPPP, head-walls, cattle guards, and directional boring.





 Along with the typical site grading  Terra constructed a 3-pond sewer lagoon  system including the concrete head-walls and all piping systems.  There is not much Terra cannot do with an excavator, blade, scraper, loader, and water truck.





State Route 160 and Buffalo Drive for Clark County NV

“Red-Light/Green-Light” This 200′ x 200′ Right-of-Way was constructed on a very short schedule, working day and night shifts to keep existing traffic flowing.  Terra Contracting not only constructed the signal system but also the 500′ advance warning system, relocation of existing facilities, grading, paving, and striping.